THE MENTAL GAME Sports Podcast

Athletes Need Good FATS and what else?

September 23, 2021 Larissa & Jens Season 2 Episode 2
THE MENTAL GAME Sports Podcast
Athletes Need Good FATS and what else?
Show Notes

Stefanie Rock not only serves good food because is she such a delicious person herself. Her cute dimples won't fool you she is a genius with food.
Young athletes are trending towards high sugar foods that are easy to grab and energy drinks. These two trends are starting to cause detrimental affects to your athletes health. Stefanie also explains the history to the Keto diet which was created to help epileptic seizures and kids  should no be on the diet. Their brain needs good high fibre whole foods and ditch the box foods.
What a super chat Jens and I learned more about how are can change sports for kids.

Stefanie Rock, from "Rock Performance" in Chicago. 

  • Stefanie is Certified Sports Nutritionist, Certified Youth Nutrition Specialist, Nationally Board Certified Massage Therapist, and Wellness Educator for the past 19-some years... 
  • She focuses on your team and your athlete. ​
  • She helps kids crush their athletic goals- regardless if they're playing juniors,  playing for fun, or anywhere in between.
  • Stefanie has a much bigger job, she wants to help fuel their body and brain for their work, their recovery, and their growth-not just for The Game, but for today and their future... 
  • Sports schedules are crazy, Stefanie understands that tournament, travel and life means you might grab the wrong fuels, but she is here to show us how to fuel them for the “on the go” lifestyle. 
  • SHe is right there with you with two teens- one playing AAA hockey and other loving college life. Strict plans don't work for our family- or probably any sports family.
  • Her “Rock Performance programs” she created will fit your lifestyle.


"On a regular day a child should be consuming 6 grams of sugar a day and they are eating 25-30 grams… of sugar. We are seeing obesity increasing in kids and the participation rates dropping in sports. What can we do?"
FIND OUT what is good for our little athletes to eat. GUESS WHAT? It is nothing from a box.

You can reach Stefanie for your teams at: