THE MENTAL GAME Sports Podcast

High school Sports can't Go. Here is How we Save Them

May 15, 2022 Larissa Season 3 Episode 18
THE MENTAL GAME Sports Podcast
High school Sports can't Go. Here is How we Save Them
Show Notes

After talking to long time friend, high school teacher, competitive basketball coach and all around awesome human, Jamie Clark shares his grave concerns about why we need to keep all the sports and activities for students in the digital age. 

Jamie and I agreed, our best memories were the everything else in school not the best Math lesson ever. 
TEENS are having their childhoods cancelled. 
Dances are being cancelled. 
Sports are being cancelled.
Activities are being activities cancelled.
FUN is being cancelled.
Experience is being cancelled. 

How are kids suppose to develop socially, emotionally, physically and academically if they are tide to a laptop learning all day?

Before the Pandemic kids were struggling, now they are hitting rock bottom. We are also losing, coaches, teachers and staff. 

Less kids are signing up for sports, activities, teachers don't want to coach or give up their time for poorly behaved kids or parental interference. 

We need to set higher standards and raise scholarships for Canadian Athletes to keep them in sports longer....... A $2800 scholarship is a discount, not a scholarship. Let's help these kids earn a degree through sports.... What are we valuing here?

We need to pay teachers to coach, allow supply teachers to coach and parents. We need to move Canada forward to compete with other countries.... We are falling behind and leaving sports to the wealthy. 

Changing school culture around sports and activities is what kids need today. Educators know this.